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July 30, 2012
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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Galactic Edition

Created by: Lone Wolf Productions

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Galactic Edition is the final chapter of the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 saga and the arcade rendition of the game. This side-scrolling 2D fighting game features a 3 vs. 3 style of gameplay that mixes up this 3 button (4 including the launcher) fighting game like it has never before.

The roster of MVC3 has now been increased to the biggest roster on-record in a retail fighting game, reaching a size of 66 different characters from the previous installment which was a total of 50. This means there is a total of 16 brand new fighters in Galactic Edition for you to play against your friends with at home on console or take to the closest arcade and enjoy some public fighting action. All characters return along with the two DLC characters and their costumes, so no need to have to purchase those again.

Galactic Edition also includes brand new modes to play in as well as updates to old modes of Ultimate, such as the fact that Heroes vs. Heralds is now fully playable in both online and offline multiplayer, even having its own training feature to train using different HvH cards.

There is a lot to go through and that is exactly why I had the pleasure of writing up this design. So let's start shall we? First off…if there's ever anything that excites a player of the Vs. Series, it's the fact that there are new characters to play as, and that means that there's new combos to learn, new teams to form, and so on and so forth. So…who are these 16 new fighters? Let's find out shall we?

Part 1: The full Roster

Full Marvel Roster:

Iron Man
The Hulk
Captain America
Dr. Doom
Ghost Rider
Dr. Strange
Iron Fist
Rocket Raccoon
Green Goblin (NEW)
Ms. Marvel (NEW)
Nico Minoru (NEW)
Daredevil (NEW)
Blade (NEW)
The Surgeon (NEW)
Thanos (NEW)
Galactus (NEW)

Marvel Newcomer #1: Green Goblin

Main series: Spider-Man Comics

Powers: Weapons such as his Pumpkin Bombs, his hand-made Glider, high-tech gadgets and explosives.

Play-Style: A character who plays better in the air than on the ground, he is Capcom's answer to firebrand. Has the longest flight time of any character in the game.

Marvel Newcomer #2: Ms. Marvel

Main Series: Assorted Comics

Powers: Incredible Strength, Energy, Ability to fly, etc.

Play-Style: Ms. Marvel's style could be seen to be a lot like Nova's, however, Ms. Marvel can utilize energy attacks that can fill the screen rather than always having to rely on OTG bouncing attacks to start and continue combos.

Marvel Newcomer #3: Nico Minoru

Main Series: The Runaways

Powers: Assorted Magical powers

Play-Style: Nico Minoru is seen as a cross between a weapon user and Dr. Strange, for she can utilize ability hindering magic as well as magic that can either attack opponents or increase her stats for a set time.

Marvel Newcomer #4: Daredevil

Main Series: Daredevil Comics

Powers: Keen instincts such as smell, hearing, etc., Very skilled in Acrobatics.

Play-Style: A close-up attacking character that utilizes a large number of counter attacks using his keen instincts. Also utilizes a small number of weapons to attack the opponent with as well.

Marvel Newcomer #5: Blade

Main Series: Assorted Marvel Comics

Powers: Vampiric Powers, large variation of weapons used for hunting Vampires.

Play-Style: A quick and nimble weapon user, mostly similar to Karas of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Blade's attacks don't have the same range that Vergil's do, but he uses more than just his sword in combat, having weapons such as guns and knives to use as well.

Marvel Newcomer #6: The Surgeon

Main Series: Mystery Men (New Marvel Series)

Powers: Medical Knowledge, not giving a crap, Contained Lunacy

Play-Style: The Surgeon would play like a male version of Valentine from Skullgirls, utilizing a large number of different surgical weapons and tools to use on his foe. So expect to see scalpels, hacksaws, body-bags and more in his arsenal.

Marvel Newcomer #7: Thanos

Main Series: Appeared in a large number of different Marvel series'

Powers: Command over the Infinite Gems, Immense Strength, etc.

Play-Style: Thanos plays like he's always played, which is heavy hitting and using his own weight to get into the face of his opponent. He has regained some moves he'd lost from Marvel Superheroes, also still being able to command the Infinite Gems as he desires.

Marvel Newcomer #8: Galactus

Main Series: Appeared in a large variation of Marvel Comics. Origin: Fantastic Four

Powers: Immense amounts of Energy, the ability to engulf a planet to feed on its energy to sustain his hunger, Incredible Strength.

Play-Style: Shrunken down to play fair, Galactus can use heavy-hitting melee specials or energy based attacks in order to fight. His Hyper Combos include different variations of him growing in size, such as using a giant punch that fills the screen from the side (Similar to Big Bang Smash from Makoto in Blazblue) and shooting rows of laser-beams across the stage.

Full Capcom Roster:

Chris Redfield
Viewtiful Joe
Tron Bonne
Albert Wesker
Nathan Spencer
Crimson Viper
Mike Haggar
Jill Valentine
Phoenix Wright
Strider Hiryu
Frank West
Nemesis T-Type
R.Mika (NEW)
Bass.EXE (NEW)
Asura (NEW)
Rouge (NEW)
Jon Talbain (NEW)
Devilotte (NEW)
Gene (NEW)
Batsu (NEW)

Capcom Newcomer #1: R. Mika (Rainbow Mika)

Main Series: Street Fighter Alpha

Powers: Strong abilities in Professional Wrestling.

Play-Style: Staying true to her nature in Alpha 3, Mika is a heavy hitting but technical character, possessing a lot of moves that can wall bounce to get combos off of, such as her Flying Peach. She also gains a new move in a rapid-spinning kick version of her Rainbow Sobat normal.

Capcom Newcomer #2: Bass.EXE

Main Series: MegaMan Battle Network

Powers: Able to access use of any Battle Chip in the world

Play-Style: Bass.EXE is almost on par with Dante when it comes to the amount of special moves he is capable of, using a huge variation of battle chips as his weapons in the fight along with his main Bass Busters and teleportation.

Capcom Newcomer #3: Asura

Main Series: Asura's Wrath

Powers: Incredible Strength, Rage abilities, can shoot bullet punches from his hands to launch at opponents.

Play-Style: Asura plays like he does in his own game, mean and rough. Asura's style is very up-close and personal, his attacks also having the luck of hitting hard as well. He is also able to launch fast projectiles and even use his rage powers to change forms and use Hyper Combos.

Capcom Newcomer #4: Rouge

Main Series: Power Stone

Powers: Can utilize the power of fire to attack her opponents. Her powers increase as she gains the mysterious gems known as "Power Stones".

Play-Style: Rouge is a fast and nimble character that uses her fire powers and her flying carpet as her main battle weapons. She can also gain the power of the Power Stones to use some of her Hyper Combos.

Capcom Newcomer #5: Jon Talbain

Main Series: Darkstalkers

Powers: Trained in Martial Arts, can utilize the power of his soul in attacks such as Beast Cannon and Dragon Cannon.

Play-Style: Like the other Darkstalkers characters, Jon's play-style is true to his series, utilizing the use of his dash attacks, nunchuks and more. He is a more speedy character than he is strong, but he can get in good combos if used right.

Capcom Newcomer #6: Devilottte de Deathsatan IX

Main Series: Cyberbots

Powers: Skilled Pilot, tactical thinker, Pirate Lord.

Play-Style: Devilotte's playstyle is similar to the style used by Doronjo in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, using her two assistants (Dave the Scientist and Xavier the Wizard) for her special attacks while she does all her normal attacks herself. She can utilize their help for hyper combos as well, as well as using her mech, the S-008 Super 8.

Capcom Newcomer #7: Gene

Main Series: Godhand

Powers: The God Hand, A wide variation of fighting moves that can be anything from hilarious to downright insane.

Play-Style: Gene is an up-close fighter whose moveset is made almost entirely out of moves he possessed in the original God Hand, including moves such as the Ball Buster. The famous roulette wheel from God Hand makes a return when Gene uses some of his hyper combos as well.

Capcom Newcomer #8: Batsu Ichimonji

Main Series: Rival Schools

Powers: Very Talented Fighter, can utilize chi-based attacks such as Guts Lightning

Play-Style: Batsu's style is pretty much exactly like it was in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. His style is rather basic just like Ryu and Akuma, although he is seen to be faster than Ryu but not as fast as Akuma. Guts Lightning will only go a certain distance across the screen, making it more similar to Chun-Li's Kikoken than Ryu's Hadoken.  

Movesets for all 16 characters will all be coming soon, so do not worry if you do not believe that said character's fighting styles could not work in a game like UMVC3. However, there is one more thing to add about characters in Galactic Editon, and that is that the game add-on introduces a special addition to the character selection screen, the amazing new thing that is "Look-Alike".

Remember the characters you wanted in that didn't make it because of the fact that they were too "Similar" to a character already in the game? Well…no need to be upset anymore, Look-alike is here to fix that! Don't wanna play as Ryu? Why not Ken instead? Iron Man not your thing? Swap him out for War Machine! This new feature works for 10 characters in the initial roster! Take a look!

Marvel Side:

Wolverine – Daken

Thor – Beta Ray Bill

Iron Man – War Machine

Hulk – A-Bomb

Green Goblin – Hob Goblin

Capcom Side:

Ryu – Ken

Akuma – Oni

Morrigan – Lilith

Zero – MegaMan X

Haggar – Zangief

With just the tap of your R2/Right Trigger button on your remote, you can select a different character and play as them. They all have their own song, own voice actor, all they don't have is their own arcade endings. This feature is sadly exclusive to the console version of Galactic Edition only, but that doesn't mean much, seeing as more people will most likely buy the $15 add-on than go and play it in an arcade.

Next is the brand new modes that are included into Galactic Mode, some being for all renditions of the game, some (Like Comic Mode) are made for the console version of said game only. Let's take a look!

Mode #1: Comic Mode

This mode works as a story mode for the game, each character getting their own comic adventure in which the player must defeat enemies and read/hear dialogue from different situations. Each story is put together in a comic book format to fit the style of the game, meaning that each of the 66 characters has their own drawn-out scenes for said mode. You can also unlock different cards for Heroes vs. Heralds in this mode, even unlocking the rarer cards by getting high scores and finishing on harder difficulties.

Mode #2: Replay Theater

A mode that many believe should have been included already, the Replay Theater mode allows you to watch matches from around the world from anyone to your friends to the world's best players. You can even record and share your own matches as well.

Updates for Versus Modes: For offline modes, there is now a Vs. CPU option so that you can challenge a three-man CPU teamas often as you want. Also the option for one vs. one, two vs. two and two vs. one are now added into the mode's choices so that the game does not always have to be three vs. three.

Another addition to Galactic Edition is that the add-on adds in a secret boss that can be challenged after challenging Galactus if certain conditions (No Continues, over 100,000 score) are met. That is Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Boss and Okami final boss, Yami. Yami's fight in Galactic Edition is a 5 form battle to the death with the Emperor of Eternal Darkness, and it can really hectic as the forms grow in strength.

Like Galactus mode in UMVC3, Galactic Edition replaces said mode with Yami Mode, allowing for you to play as the Emperor of Eternal Darkness' final form to fight and defeat CPU opponents in an arcade run of his own.

And for now, that's all regarding Galactic Edition. Movesets for said characters listed will be getting designed soon enough, so don't be surprised if it doesn't come out right away. For now, thank you for reading, and prepare to take on a whole new fight in the Marvel vs. Capcom universe.
Introducing my own rendition of the Arcade Edition of Ultimate MVC3, dubbed the title of "Galactic Edition" for I realized that Uncanny Edition doesn't sound as good as I thought it did. However, this new $15.00 Add-on ($40.00 new for those who didn't buy Ultimate) features a grand total of 66 characters, meaning that there is a total of 8 new fighters from either side of the roster.

Please take this chance to read up and examine said ideas. Feedback is appreciated. Thank you for reading.

Ideas/Design (C) Lone Wolf Productions
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You took my advice about Surgeon! :D
LarsMasters Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
I got PS Vita (formerly PS3). I hope it adds
*JP voice for Marvel side
*Guest fighters
**Jin Kazama - Mishima Estate
**Iori Yagami - '95 Ruined Factory
**Ken the Eagle Galactor Base
*New Stages
**Fate of the Earth (playable)
**Pandora's Box (FotE version)
**Urban War Zone (The Daily Bugle/City that Never Sleep version)
**S.H.I.E.L.D. Space Craft (space version of helicarrier & airshow, also part of herald sub-boss stage)
**Okami Stage (Peaceful Day & Night Fireworks)
*SFxT parts such as:
**Scramble Mode (QCB+2 Assists)
**Pandora Mode (DD+2 Assists, with X-Factor Lv. 3 auto active)
**Cross Combo (QCF+2 Assists)
**Gem activations
**Tag Switch Combo & Launcher (both inputs are S+Assists)
*Pandora bosses (for Galactus & Yami)
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