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Darkstalkers 4: Bloodstained Moon

Menus & Modes: Full outline (Inlcluding DLC and Updated Roster)

PS: * = Locked, # = DLC

Part 1: Single Player Modes:

Main Mode: Arcade Mode

An basic mode in which you must defeat opponents to continue and defeat the boss waiting at the end. This mode comes in several choices to take

Bloody Moon: The standard Arcade Run, fighting off 8 Random CPU opponents along with a boss waiting at the end.

*Night Warriors: A style situated after the original Darkstalkers game, you must beat all 10 original characters and defeat Pyron at the end after fighting sub-boss Huitzil.

*Vampire Savior: A style of arcade situated after the last game of the series, Vampire Savior. You must beat a total of 7 characters to move on and fight Jedah Dohma as the final boss.

#Tag-Team Arcade: An arcade mode available after the release of the Tag-Team fighting mode for Darkstalkers 4, you use a two-person team to defeat opponents and move on through stages

Difficulty Settings:

Very Easy
Very Hard

Handicaps are available

Roster: (The Slots are as follows, each row is 7 long by 6 down, one slot being dedicated to the random select button. Once the DLC characters are bought, the rows change to 9 long by 6 down, one slot being for the random select button respectively)

First Row: (From Left to Right)

#Scanty, *Dee, Donovan, Demitri, Anita, Morrigan, Lilith, *Marianne, #Kneesocks

Second Row:

#Marionette, *Shadow, Rikuo, Lilaca, Hsien-Ko, Felicia, Tony, *Yoko, #Chichi

Third Row:

#John Shatter, *Lawrence, B.B. Hood, Oboro Bishamon, Ruby Heart, Lord Raptor, Anakaris, *Anubis, #Blossom

Fourth Row:

#HUNTR-1075, *Shadow Talbain, Jon Talbain, Regina, Q-Bee, Sasquatch, Spitfire, *Janeeva, #Hana-Ocari

Fifth Row:

#Cyrus Firencia, *Celestia, *Huitzil, *Pyron, *Sherayanna, *Ilexia, *Hannya, *Grimling, #Leonardo

Sixth row:

*Dracken, *Abyss, *Corruption, *Jedah, *Amingo, Victor, Arakune, Random Select

There is also a large amount of stages to play on in the game, each character having a stage to either themselves or sharing it with another character. Here is a list of the stages:

Maxmoff Castle (Demitri Stage)
Deserted Chateau (Morrigan Stage)
Moonlit Peaks (Jon Talbain/Shadow Talbain Stage)
Egyptian Ruins (Anakaris/Anubis Stage)
Downtown Beats (Felicia/Tony Stage)
Amazonian Temptation (Rikuo/Lilaca Stage)
Makai Kingdom Main Hall (Pyron/Huitzil/Lawrence Stage)
Abandoned Laboratory (Victor Stage)
Airship Port Deck (Ruby Heart Stage)
Arctic Freeze (Sasquatch Stage)
Burning Meadows (Regina/Q-Bee Stage)
Poisonous Swamps (Janeeva Stage)
Makai Kingdom Dungeon (Lilith/Arakune Stage)
Cathedral of the Blessed (Hsien-Ko Stage)
Abandoned Battlefield (Oboro Bishamon/Hannya Stage)
Tundra Cliffs (Ilexia Oni Stage)
Revenger's Roost (Dee Stage)
Festival of the Dead (Yoko Stage)
Shrouded Forest (Shadow Stage)
Venice Canals (Celestia Stage)
Music of the Damned (Lord Raptor Stage)
Memories of Agony (B.B. Hood Stage)
Preperations for War (Spitfire Stage)
Burning Darkness (Abyss Stage)
Makai Kingdom Throne Room (Corruption/Jedah Stage)
Calling of the Shadows (Grimling Stage)
Rebelling Light (Anita/Donovan Stage)

The fighting system of Darkstalkers 4 is made to be traditional to the series, having not only mixtures of both the earlier Darkstalkers games and Vampire Savior, but also some new custom ideas. Here is how the system works.

Aside from the DLC Modes that have yet to be looked into, Darkstalkers is a fast paced 1 vs. 1 fighter that is much faster than that of Street Fighter. The ideals for each match is as follows…both you and your opponent have what's called a Soul Count…shown as small icons under your life bar, number of Soul bars you have can be freely edited before the match starts (5 Maximum), each time you lose a full bar of life, you lose a Soul on your Soul Count. Whoever can get the other opponent's soul count to zero first is the winner of the fight.

This was first styled together in Vampire Savior, counting each knockdown as a round without having any interruptions and round switching, and this carries itself over to Darkstalkers 4, only much more fluent and detailed. One of the new features of Darkstalkers 4 is the editing of the EX gauge, now outfitted to be what is now known as "Soul Gauge". As you fight, your gauge will fill with fighting intent, being able to get a total of 5 full bars in one go being the maximum amount. Once you fill a bar, you'll gain access to "EX Hyper" Moves. These abilities are powerful attacks you can use against your opponent to do more damage. These are your basic Super Moves to go to, not to mention EX Moves are accessible using one Soul Bar as well. Each character also has access to an Ultimate EX Technique, only available once you have 3 full bars in your soul gauge. This attack does a very large amount of damage to your opponent, but will be gone once you use it, so be careful when using this attack.

Another unique thing to note is that different characters have differently designed soul gauges to show their personality/attitudes, although this does not affect the way characters gain meter, it's just for looks and design.

Here's a few designs given out so far…




Shadow Talbain
Hannya (Armor)


Demitri Maximoff
Janeeva the Slime Queen


Jon Talbain


Lawrence Von Aensland


B.B. Hood
Lord Raptor


Oboro Bishamon
Ruby Heart
Donovan Baine






Celestia Veranova

All of these Gauges have different designs to fit the style of the character, a unique trait to Darkstalkers 4's hub.

*Mode #2: Endless Night Mode

Witness the terror of the Night as you partake in an endurance challenge to defeat all the game's characters. You have limited healing items and can't die, for if you do…you must start from the beginning. A mode that is inspired by the All-Stars Mode of Super Smash Bros Brawl. The mode in which you face the 41 characters is completely random, although Corruption will always be last on the list to defeat.

Mode #3: Chaos Tower Mode

Using purchasable power-ups, fight increasingly tougher foes to reach the top of the Chaos Tower and become the champion Darkstalker of both realms. This mode is featured to have 3 styles, 100 floors, 500 floors and 999 floors, both 500 and 999 being unlocked after completing the one before it. You can use any character, even quicksave the game to take a break from playing.

Mode #4: Challenge and Assignment Mode

Challenge and Assignment Mode are two mode jumbled up into one, Assignment mode working almost exactly like Mission Mode from Street Fighter X Tekken, only that it has a more Darkstalkers vibe to it as missions are given out as if you're a Dark Hunter hunting a Darkstalker, the details for the mission being demanding and short. Challenge Mode features the standard 10 challenges that a character must complete in order to unlock additional titles and icons for the character they use. Each character has 6 titles each and 3 icons that differentiate between styles of their character select art. The following character can get a total of 2 titles for completing all their missions.

Title List:

Demitri Maximoff:

#1: Look at my Fangs

#2: Demonic Aura

#3: Midnight Bliss

#4:  Revenge is Mine

#5: Ruler of the Night

#6: Vampiric Rebel

Morrigan Aensland:

#1: Temptress

#2: Looking for Fun

#3: Endless Pleasure

#4: Feel the Acme

#5: Heir to the Throne

#6: Bad Girl

Donovan Baine:

#1: Cursed Blood

#2: Killshred Wielder

#3: Am I a Monster?

#4: Elementalist

#5: Protector

#6: Dark Guardian

Ruby Heart:

#1: Anchors Away!

#2: Captain

#3: Looter

#4: Fearless Leader

#5: X Marks the Spot!

#6: Headfirst into Danger


#1: Cute Kitty

#2: Looking for Fame

#3: Singing & Dancing

#4: Dream Chaser

#5: Reach for the Top!

#6: Wanna Dance?


#1: Warrior & Peacemaker

#2: Hear Me Roar!

#3: Last of my Kind

#4: Tragic Past

#5: Vicious Stripes

#6: Heavy Hearted


#1: Chinese Ghost

#2: Lover of Weapons

#3: Fighting for Freedom

#4: Love of our Mother

#5: Twin Priestesses

#6: Two is better than one

Oboro Bishamon:

#1: Freedom

#2: I live my own Life

#3: Soul of a Warrior

#4: My Own Master

#5: Escaping my own Fate

#6: Never-ending Journey


#1: Mighty Pharaoh

#2: Lizard in my Pants!

#3: Leader of your Salvation

#4: In I you Believe

#5: Wrapped in Pride

#6: Everlasting Ruler


#1: Bighearted Bigfoot

#2: I'm Starving!

#3: Loving the Cold

#4: Warrior of my Tribe

#5: I Heart Penguins

#6: I'm calling you George!


#1: Amphibious Fighter

#2: Can't outswim me!

#3: One with the Ocean

#4: Sleeping with the Fishes

#5: Fight for the ones you Love

#6: Amazonian Mystery

Jon Talbain:

#1: Cursed Blood

#2: Lone Wolf

#3: In Search of Answers

#4: Denier of my Heritage

#5: No Love for Humans

#6: Commanding an Iron Fist


#1: Wererabbit

#2: Jumping for Joy!

#3: Quiet at heart

#4: Looking for a Friend

#5: Survivor of Chaos

#6: Please, Don't hurt me!

B.B. Hood:

#1: SS-Class Hunter

#2: All for the money!

#3: A girl most Grimm

#4: Pyrotechnical Picnic Basket

#5: Cower in Fear!

#6: Can't you feel the Sunshine?

Lord Raptor:

#1: Let's Get Rocked!

#2: Metal Militia

#3: Rock of Ages

#4: Killer Solos

#5: REAL Death Metal

#6: Here I come baby!


#1: Queen of my People

#2: Everlasting Hunger

#3: For the Colony!

#4: Love for my Subjects

#5: Eyes up here pal!

#6: You look Tasty…

Victor Von Geirdenheim

#1: Frankenstein

#2: Truly Shocking

#3: High Voltage

#4: Monster of Science

#5: Lightningrod

#6: Gentle Giant

Lilith Aensland:

#1: Soul Sister

#2: Beautiful Eyes

#3: Missing my Other Piece

#4: Love of my Sister

#5: Our Cheerful Side

#6: Gorgeous Spirit

Jedah Dohma:

#1: Creator of Majigen

#2: Youngest Makai Noble

#3: Fetus of God

#4: Blinded by Ambition

#5: Savior of the Makai

#6: I am in Control…


#1: Golden Guardian

#2: Enemy Threat Level: Wimp

#3: Tool of Destruction

#4: Exterminator

#5: Not just a Hollow Shell

#6: Lover of Nature


#1: Hellstorm Alien

#2: Blazing Anger

#3: Your World is Mine!

#4: Cosmic Disruptor

#5: Ancient Destroyer

#6: Extraterrestrial Deity


#1: Dark Blood

#2: Given into Despair

#3: Split Personality

#4: Commander of Dhylec

#5: The Evil I have Become

#6: Master of Darkness


#1: Nine-Tailed Maiden

#2: Woman of Wisdom

#3: Mask of Lies

#4: Makai Wanderer

#5: Sly as a Fox

#6: Dead amongst the living


#1: Sisterhood of Shadows

#2: Black Magic Mistress

#3: Voodoo that I do

#4: Spiritual Leader

#5: Sins of Sorrow

#6: Twin Blades of Black

Celestia Veranova:

#1: Dragon Spirit

#2: Toil and Trouble

#3: Crystal Ball knows All

#4: My Little Pretty

#5: Magical by Heart

#6: Guiding Light


#1: Doppelganger

#2: Dark Spirit

#3: Soul Stealer

#4: Possessing my Enemies

#5: Unknown Origin

#6: No Soul, No Mercy


#1: Hatred Fueled Monster

#2: Killer of All

#3: Orb of Genocide

#4: Corruption's Weapon

#5: Slaughterer of Darkstalkers

#6: Everything is my Enemy


#1: Being of all Evil

#2: New Makai King

#3: Killer of the Nobles

#4: He who brings the Night

#5: Undying love for Bloodshed

#6: Mighty Dark Demigod


#1: Elven Archer

#2: Love for my Village

#3: Bullseye!

#4: One with Nature

#5: No Pride, Just Skill

#6: Elemental Arrows

Janeeva the Slime Queen:

#1: Semi-Liquid Being

#2: I love my Black Tea

#3: Fight for me Subjects!

#4: Queen's Order

#5: Royal Decree of Power

#6: Three Minds in One

Dark Princess Marianne Aensland:

#1: The True Aensland Daughter

#2: Lover of Soul Energy

#3: Naked Maiden

#4: Corrupted Pleasures

#5: Ambitions of Death

#6: Give into my Lust

Ilexia Oni:

#1: Who's Thirsty?

#2: Gotta love Warm Sake!

#3: Not Easy being Red

#4: These Horns aren't for Show

#5: For the Love of Being Drunk

#6: Ignite the Fire in my Soul

Shadow Talbain:

#1: Yin & Yang

#2: Give into your Fate

#3: Dark Double

#4: I hold the Answers

#5: Casting a Shadow

#6: Oppressor of Will

Hannya (Cursed Armor)

#1: Cursed Soul

#2: Bloodthirsty Blade

#3: Possessing Demon

#4: Destroyer of Willpower

#5: Warrior of Death

#6: Piercing Red Evil


#1: Spirit of Mischief

#2: Try to hit me!

#3: Prankster

#4: Keep your head on!

#5: To The Moon!

#6: Truly a Haunting Experience


#1: Commander

#2: Troops, Move out!

#3: Ignition Technology

#4: Resistance Leader

#5: For the Human World!

#6: Prepared For War


#1: Natural Spirit

#2: Children of the Earth

#3: Mysterious Being

#4: Rider of the Winds

#5: Photosynthetic

#6: Nomadic Traveller


#1: Legendary Figure

#2: Ancient Power

#3: Heart of a Dragon

#4: Mighty Beast

#5: Cry of Fear

#6: Undying Flame


#1: One with the Boundary

#2: Research is Key!

#3: BEES!!!

#4: Loss of Humanity

#5: What am I?

#6: Everyone Should Disappear!


#1: Spirit of Death

#2: Shinigami

#3: Guidance of Lost Souls

#4: Friend and Foe

#5: Server of the Heavens

#6: Reaper Chop!


#1: Puppet Girl

#2: Strings of deceit

#3: Plastic Doll

#4: Puppet and Puppeteer

#5: Fake Smile

#6: Poor Cursed Soul


#1: Squirrel Girl

#2: Feeling Nutty?

#3: So soft and Fluffy!

#4: Hyperactive Adventurer

#5: Forest Watcher

#6: Like a Ninja!


#1: Demonic Arachnid

#2: Gruff and Uncaring

#3: Fearsome Creature

#4: Venomous Bite

#5: Makai Beast

#6: Web of Endless Anger


#1: Nekomata

#2: Seductive Edge

#3: Kiss of Death

#4: Hurts so good

#5: Fire, Ice and Electricity

#6: Magical Charms


#1: Assassin

#2: Desert wanderer

#3: Trap Burrower

#4: Camouflaged Death

#5: Tactical Espionage

#6: Unseen by human eyes

Cyrus Firencia:

#1: Incubus

#2: Dark Prince

#3: Blood & Lust

#4: Shadows of Justice

#5: Firencia Kingdom's savior

#6: Oppressing Will

John Shatter:

#1: Legendary Darkhunter

#2: Precision Aim

#3: Six Shots, six kills

#4: Cowboy by Heart

#5: I'm too Old for this…

#6: Say Goodnight…


#1: Dullahan

#2: Headless Warrior

#3: Dark Horseman

#4: Shining-Edge Blade

#5: Scottish Nightmare

#6: Terrifying Specter


#1: Biomechanical Monster

#2: Robotic Demon

#3: Search and Destroy

#4: Motor Head

#5: Rejected Hunter Unit

#6: Walking Arsenal

Scanty & Kneesocks:

#1: Demon Sisters

#2: Following Ruruus!

#3: Dark Transformation

#4: Daughters of Corset

#5: Dark Queens

#6: We bid you Adieu!

Mode #5: Training & Simulation Mode

The basic mode in which you can train using dummies and learn the basic stylings of characters through tutorials. However, Training mode in Darkstalkers 4 has been improved from past Capcom fighting games, adding in a setting called simulation mode. Simulation mode is a mode within training mode that allows the player to learn the combos of characters in the game and then re-enact them once a hologram of the player's character does so, doing so in a step-by-step process so that it's not too fast for beginners of the series. Also, as stated already, this mode is combined with Tutorial mode, allowing the player to take lessons from an instructor (In this case, the instructor of this game is Anita, kind of like how it was Rachel Alucard who instructed the player in Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend.

# Mode #6: Offline Tag-Team Mode

One of the DLC modes of Darkstalkers 4: Bloodstained Moon, coming with two free DLC characters and a whole ton of fun. In this mode, you take on your opponent with a team of two characters and try to take down both characters in order to win! The mode can be played with 2-4 people, meaning you can not only play against a person in a one-on-one, but you can team up with a friend to take on a team of your other friends for a 4-way battle royale!

*Mode #7: Boss Rush Mode:

A mode unlocked after completing all the stories in Story Mode, this mode allows you to fight the 13 bosses of the game in a random order each time. The bosses are as follows:

#1: Corrupted Souls Commander: Dee
#2: Corrupted Souls Captain: Hendrick the Centaur
#3: Corrupted Souls Captain: Yukino the Soul Mantis
#4: Corrupted Souls Captain: Virtuoso the Dark Angel
#5: Corrupted Souls Captain: Mortar the Demonic Spirit
#6: Corrupted Souls Captain: Girganna the Baphomet
#7: Corrupted Souls Captain: Auroras the Dark Priestess
#8: Corrupted Souls Captain: Skullomantra the Skeleton
#9: Corrupted Souls Captain: Francis the Demonic Wereleopard
#10: Corrupted Souls Assault General: Abyss
#11: Corrupted Souls Second-in-Command: Jedah Dohma
#12: Corrupted Souls Guardian: Pyron
#13: Creator of the Corrupted Souls: Corruption

There are also different difficulty settings for the mode to challenge the player if they so wish to. The amount of health you recover per match also varies on the difficulty setting, for the easiest setting recovers health to full after each match, and the hardest not recovering HP at all for an endurance run.

Part 2: Multiplayer Modes

These modes are all about playing with others, whether it be those next to you or those across the globe. Darkstalkers 4 has a wide range of modes that's sure to satisfy those looking for an in-depth level of entertainment.

Mode #1: Offline Vs. Mode

A mode in which you can face off against friends and computer-controlled foes without going online, which is a step in the right direction, considering some of the past Capcom games have not had this specific mode. You can set the level of difficulty for the computer (If you're facing a CPU) and set your handicap if you wish to give yourself more of a challenge in the match.

Once you download the Tag-Team Mode DLC, you can also play an offline Tag-team match with either your friends or a CPU, also being able to team up with a friend to face a CPU together.

Mode #2: Online Modes

The online modes of Darkstalkers 4: Bloodstained Moon are split into several different areas, all being able to be played with friends, and some being able to be played with more than two people. Here is a list of the modes you can find for the online mode of Darkstalkers 4…

#1: Standard Versus: Ranked Setting

The first kind of battle available on the online mode is ranked matches, in which you fight to win points and move up the ranks of the game. The ranking system is set as a cross between that of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Street Fighter 4. The ranking system goes as follows…

Underling (Standard starting rank)

Beast (Second Ranking)

Monster (Third Ranking)

D Class Darkstalker (Fourth Ranking)

C Class Darkstalker (Fifth Ranking)

B Class Darkstalker (Sixth Ranking)

A Class Darkstalker (Seventh ranking)

S Class Darkstalker (Eighth Ranking)

SS Class Darkstalker (Ninth Ranking)

Makai Noble (Tenth Ranking)

Makai Emperor (Eleventh Ranking/Highest Ranking)

The more matches you win, the higher in the ranking you'll become! Aim to become the ruler of the Demon realm and Darkstalkers alike! However, while you win you win points, you can lose points by losing as well! Try to keep up the winning spirit and become the greatest!

#2: Standard Versus: Standard Setting

A mode made to enjoy the online of Darkstalkers 4 without trying to go up in the rankings and to be as carefree as you want with either friends or people around the world. You can either face people in a one-on-one fight or join/create a lobby that can hold up to 8 people at a time.

#3: Demon Rush Mode

An interesting mode that's the online counterpart of Endless Night Mode, only that this mode is designed to be more of a one-round survival mode, having to defeat as many opponents as possible before your characters gets defeated. The one with the most opponents defeated before losing is the winner of the match. This mode is useable between 2-8 people, for the mode is all about strategy and skill.

##4: Online Tag Team Mode

This is the online version of Tag-Team Mode, featuring the option to face other people on either a one-on-one, two-on-one or a two-on-two battle setting. Players can switch out for their partner at anytime, even using special EX Drives to use two EX Hypers at the same time for more damage. The rules are no different from the offline version, so there isn't anything that should surprise players.

#5: Replay Channel

The standard mode in which you can watch replays of your battles and battles of those around the world, also being able to exchange replays with friends and those around the world to keep up with the world's most famous players.

Part 3: Story Mode & A Day with Dr. Kakiro

This mode is where the main story of Darkstalkers 4: Bloodstained Moon takes place. For this story mode, the player can play through the story of each character, unlocking more and more stories as they continue. You start out with one, and must play to unlock every other one. However, there are some characters that have their story mode both put in one (For example: Jon Talbain and Regina share a story mode, along with Felicia & Tony as well as Anakaris & Anubis.)

Each character has a story connecting to the events of the game, all stories having three different endings, a good ending, a bad ending and a gag reel. No two stories are the same, but some stories to intertwine with the stories of other characters. Here is a list of the story modes to play, including a small description of the events of the story mode…

#1: Morrigan Aensland:

Morrigan's story revolves around her and Demitri fighting against the Corrupted Souls army that Corruption has unleashed upon the demon realm as well as the human world. Morrigan and Demitri both end up trapped in the Silent Realm after being defeated by the Baphomet known as Girganna, also losing her sister Lilith for her to become a captive in the name of the Corrupted Souls. The story is the most straight-forward story in the game, just keep winning to complete it.

#2: Demitri Maximoff:

Demitri's story intertwines with that of Morrigan's, but also gives a more in-depth look as to what happened before he had met up with Morrigan and saved his castle. This story also gives flashbacks to the previous games of the series and how Demitri defeated Pyron and was killed by Jedah, but Demitri sees them as a dream, although to him, it felt so real. This story also shows a more in-depth look at Demitri's quest to become the ruler of the Makai, and the plans he'd had planned to set into motion before the uprising of Corruption and his army of dark souls.

#3: Donovan Baine:

Donovan's Story mainly focuses on Donovan trying to handle the dark power within him from releasing yet again, the waves of darkness being amplified, though he doesn't know why, until learning that his dark self was in the human world. Donovan sets out on a journey to find his dark self and destroy him, along with the even greater evil that he felt enter the human world, one that brought him to his knees.

#4: Anita:

Anita's story is one of the most in-depth stories of the game, giving out the details of what happened in the past world to stop Jedah and how destroying the Shintai caused a dimensional tear to set the world's time structure anew, changing the events of the past years after Pyron had been defeated. Anita is also seen many times in her story to be watching over Donovan, guiding him to where he must go. She secretly helps most of the human world's heroes to destroy the evil within their world and open a gate to the Makai, also tagging along for the moment that she would have to challenge Corruption himself.

#5: Ruby Heart:

Ruby Heart's story is the story that intertwines with other character's the most, getting involved with characters like Donovan, Hsien-Ko and Spitfire. Her travels take her from place to place across the country, looking for the one that she'd gotten some information on from a couple of her sources, someone by the name of "Abyss".

#6: Felicia & Tony:

Felicia & Tony's story is the first two-character story that can be playable in Darkstalkers 4, featuring a very deep story that intertwines with a couple of characters all while trying to attain their own goals. Felicia & Tony's story revolves around their travel across the country so that Felicia can make her dreams come true and become a pop-star & singer for the world to hear, all while defeating the evil that was plaguing the world. This story features probably the most in-depth character development between two characters, for both characters connect with each other during their travels and become good friends, along with meeting old friends, new comrades and much more. One of the more light-hearted stories of the game.

#7: Hsien-Ko

Hsien-Ko's story is shared with her sister Mei-Ling (Of course), the main goal of the two of them being to free their mother's soul and become human once again. The two take care of Oboro Bishamon for a bit of their story after they find him outside their shrine, only to try and follow after him after he leaves in the night. While their goal at first is to find Oboro, they soon learn of the evil that'd entered the human world from the realm beyond theirs, taking up their weapons once again to fight against evil as the Dark Hunters they are.

#8: Oboro Bishamon:

Oboro Bishamon's story is one that is a tale of the path to revenge, revenge against the evil that destroyed his life and left him with nothing in return. Oboro's main goal is to destroy Hannya, the evil spirit that lives within the cursed armor that he once dawned, only to have it take control of the armor itself without the need of the host, which Oboro believes is a sign that a great evil had entered the world, allowing Hannya to release from its shackles and no longer need a host to fight, now nothing more than pure evil. Oboro's story intertwines with Hsien-Ko's early on, only to soon move on and go on to do his own goals.

#9: Anakaris & Anubis:

This is the only story in Darkstalkers 4 in which you can play as a locked character before you unlock them, which is the guardian Anubis. Anakaris and Anubis' story mainly revolves around the travels of both characters to defeat the evil of the world to attain the power necessary for Anakaris to officially rebuild his kingdom and protect from the plagues that he had foreseen if he were to do so. Anubis acts as the guide for the newly reawakened Anakaris, giving him the guidance to find those that are acting as a disease to the world. Anubis leads Anakaris all the way to Abyss, in which they both take place in the final battle for the fate of the human world.

#10: Sasquatch:

Sasquatch's story is one of the stories of Darkstalkers 4 that does not mainly concern itself with the main story, but rather the goals of the Sasquatch tribe as a whole. Sasquatch is put in charge of rescuing a group of his fellow clan members from Corrupted Soldiers, who had taken up a stronghold on the eastern part of their snowy valley, featuring some comedy and some antics that Sasquatch is known for.

#11: Victor Von Gerdenheim:

Victor's story mainly revolves around self-discovery, learning more about himself and his powers, also wanting to prove to the world that he was not a monster, not a failed science experiment, but that of a protector, a guardian to those who needed it. Victor is also featured in the final human world battle, and his ending is probably the saddest of all the game's main stories.

#12: Rikuo:

Rikuo's story is intertwined with the characters of South America, all mainly featuring the battle for the Amazon rainforest between the Corrupted Souls army and the Elven settlement that lived there, as well as the Voodoo Priestess' of the northern areas just outside the forest. Rikuo's goal is to mainly assist the Elven Clan and Voodoo Priestess Tribe, for the Corrupted Army had brought with them an extremely evil and powerful weapon that could mean serious trouble for the clans and the forest itself.

#13: Jon Talbain & Regina:

Yet another story arc shared by two characters, Jon and Regina's story involves a journey of self-discovery while accidentally getting involved with the war between the Corrupted Souls and the Human world's ordinance, along with other Darkstalkers taking arms against the evil army. Regina meets up with the lone warrior Jon after being ambushed by evil creatures when trying to escape from the meadow where she once lived, which was burned to the ground by the Corrupted Souls, killing all who didn't manage to escape. She travels with Jon, not knowing where exactly he is going, but needing protection from those who could harm her. This story forms bonds between the characters and looks deeper into whom these characters are and what their lives have been like up until now. Their ending, however, is not connected to the final battle of the human world.

#14: B.B. Hood:

The story of B.B. Hood gives players an in-depth look of the life of Darkhunters, and what it is they do on a daily basis, also following B.B. Hood as she hunts down old targets and planning to use the arrival of Abyss as a trap to capture all the world's Darkstalkers and receive a large amount of cash, one that could sustain her lifestyle for years on end.

#15: Lord Raptor:

The story of Lord Raptor is mainly a look at Raptor doing what he wants and what he does best, killing and rocking out. With his old master dead after Lord Raptor had rebelled against him during the time of Pyron's invasion, Lord Raptor grows bored of the world, only to soon find out that a large armada of evil spirits had infiltrated the human realm from the Makai, hoping to quell his boredom, and maybe even meet up with Hsien-Ko. His little buddy Le Marta (Voiced by Phillece Sampler) also tags along for the ride.

#16: Q-Bee:

The story of Q-Bee is both tragic and horrific, as it goes through the effort that she does to provide for her people, also having to protect her people from the new threats that her kind knows only as the "Soul Mantis", known as the rival species of the Soul Bee that almost resulted in their extinction many many years ago. She is also the mother of a single daughter, for whom she is raising up to become the next head of her people and a strong Queen.

#17: Lilith Aensland:

Lilith's story starts right after the part of Morrigan's story in which Girganna forces their souls to separate, Lilith having been thrown away into the dungeons underneath the Makai Kingdom. Her story is the only story in the entire game to intersect with the guest character Arakune, who kills two of the guards that are watching Lilith, only to then turn on her and try to kill her as well. Lilith's story is very short in terms of length and gameplay, but she does a lot in a small time, including be the one to warn Lawrence, their kingdom's guardian, that Morrigan is in trouble and in dire need of assistance.

#18: Jedah Dohma:

Jedah's story features much more story than actual gameplay, featuring scenes from Vampire savior and how he continues to try and right the wrongs that he himself made during the creation of the Majigen, trying to remove all errors so that his next plan has no chances of failure. It's in Jedah's story that Anita and Jedah finally meet in the current timeline, only this time, Jedah wins before leaving to return to his duties to assist his master. Anita does not die however, although she does become very hurt during the fight.

#19: Huitzil:

The story of Huitzil is like Jedah's, featuring very little gameplay and much more story, mainly revolving around the events that occurred after Pyron's invasion failed and most of the Huitzils had been wiped off the face of the earth. One of the main Huitzils is uncovered by a young Mayan boy named Cecil, who befriends Huitzil, who then sees him as his new objective, to keep him safe from all possible harm, no longer having to serve his former master. Huitzil's story ends in tragedy from a rematch with his old master, Pyron, having been reborn by Corruption in a final attempt to keep the kingdom under his complete control.

#20: Pyron:

Pyron's story mainly revolves around the events of the first Darkstalkers, and how his plan ultimately ended in failure after being defeated and consumed by Demitri. Pyron only has one in-story fight, which is against Huitzil at the very end, which results in his remade soul being obliterated in a final stand by the Darkstalkers.

#21: Dee:

Dee's story is split into two main parts, the first part featuring a look into what Donovan had become once he sacrificed himself to the dark side of his heart, for Dee was almost a completely unknown character in the Darkstalkers universe before now. The second half of Dee's story features Dee's role as the commander of Corruption's army, the Corrupted Souls, also dealing with the eight captains that Corruption had assigned to his army as well. The story of Dee ends with a fight against Donovan, being an almost alter ego ending to what truly happens, as Donovan is killed by Dee during this battle.

#22: Yoko:

Yoko's story revolves around parts of her past as a soul eater, now being one who guides the dead souls to their resting place as a guardian protector of those who cannot fight themselves. She steals a valuable item from a group of bloodthirsty Werewolves, led by one known to many as "The God of the Moon". Yoko's goal is simple, to bring the good in a certain someone's spirit to the brim so that he could fulfill his role in the legend of the lone wolf, a tale passed down through her people when she was just a little girl that told of a human born of cursed blood saving the Lupin warriors of both worlds from destroying one another in a war that's lasted nearly two centuries.

#23: Sherayanna:

Sherayanna's story looks into the life of her tribe of Voodoo Priestess', following their own dark arts and sustaining life for themselves in their settlement just outside the amazon rainforest, not to mention dealing with the strife of being accused of being the cause of the attacks on the forest that the Corrupted Souls had done a few times over already.

#24: Celestia Veranova:

Celestia's story looks into Celestia's life as a witch, protecting her home in Venice along with her fellow witches. The corrupted Souls take the city in less than an hour, forcing Celestia and the others to fight back using their magical powers. She's also the one to learn the destination of where Abyss was heading to in order to begin its onslaught on the human world, sending the location as a distress signal out across the world as a hope that someone would be able to stop the evil creature.

#25: Shadow:

The dark story of the evil Shadow spirit follows the Shadow Spirit as it sets out to destroy the creatures of the human world using the powers it gained from the fighters during the previous world's timeline within the Majigen. Shadow's story is rather short compared to others, due to his story is very straightforward.

#26: Abyss:

The story of Abyss all takes place in one place in the story, which is when the humans and the Darstalkers make their last stand against Abyss and the Corrupted Souls, also going into some backstory on Abyss' design by Corruption. The ending of Abyss' story acts as a "What if" in the storyline.

#27: Corruption:

The story of Corruption is the main events of the game from the antagonist's point of view. The events of how Corruption became king, the uprising of the Dark Souls, the plans that Corruption has going on behind the shadows, it will all be explained in this story. The ending of Corruption's story, like Abyss' ending, is also a "What if" take on the events of the main story.

#28: Lilaca:

Lilaca's story is the main story of the events of the Corrupted Souls' attacks on the Rainforest settlements that Lilaca's elven clan had established. Lilaca does most of her travelling with her acrobatic Were-Squirrel friend Chichi, who she found when she was just a baby in the middle in the forest, Lilaca looking no different than she did then on account of the aging process of Elves. Her story also includes the meeting of Rikuo along with the Elven clan's point of view on how the Voodoo Priestess Clan of the Northern plains are to blame for the attack of the dark souls against the forest.

#29: Janeeva the Slime Queen:

Janeeva's story looks into the lifestyle of the self-proclaimed queen of her people, who may be stuck up but still continues to support her people no matter what. She loses a good chunk of her population after the Corrupted Souls travel through the Makai Swamplands in which she lives, and to her it was a call to war, planning on going after the leader of the squad that had caused death in her swamp, a captain of the Corrupted Souls…Skullomantra.

#30: Ilexia Oni:

The story of Ilexia Oni is more of a humorous story than anything, showing her daily lifestyle as she is close friends with a girl named "Frost", who is a Yuki-Onna, an Ice spirit said to be able to control the power of the temperature around itself and cause snow to fall and freeze those around it. The two descend from their mountain home to find that the village settlement they often visited had been destroyed and left its citizens to die in their own blood. The deed, being caused by the Corrupted Souls, infuriated Ilexia, for now she could no longer purchase her Makai brand Saki that she loved so much. It was for this that she and Frost use their demonic powers to open a portal to the human world, hoping to find the source of the problem in the realm opposite of theirs.

#31: Dark Princess Marianne Aensland:

The story of the dark princess tells the tale of the real daughter of Bellial, being the heir to the throne of her family and planning on turning the Makai into her own personal hellhole and make her people suffer if they did not follow her rule as Queen, and it was not long before her father caught word of her ideals for a new world, and had the displeasure of defeating her in combat before sending her off to the Silent Realm. Upon Corruption's escape from the silent realm, Marianne was able to escape using the power she herself had saved over the course of her thousands of years of slumber. She attempted to then take the throne right out from under Corruption, but failed miserably, proving no match for the Dark tyrant. Corruption then takes her under his control, turning her into his personal slave.

#32: Lawrence Von Aensland:

The story of the Aensland's family Guardian tells the story of how Lawrence returns from the human world to the Makai in order to protect Morrigan and Lilith from the Corrupted Souls. In returning to the Makai realm, he had to leave his pregnant wife behind, unknowing of what was happening to the human world as well as the Makai realm. He is soon tasked with rescuing Lilith from the depths of the castle's dungeon and torture chambers, also being able to use his blessed Aensland Family axe to free Morrigan and Demitri from the Silent Realm.

#33: Shadow Talbain:

Shadow Talbain's story is a rather unique twist on the idea of what Shadow Talbain truly is, which is the killing intent of Jon's werewolf side come alive in the shape of a dark spirit. He also has connections to the evil Spirit named Shadow, in which he plans to trade off Jon's soul to become a full being himself, and the only way he can do so is to get Jon to succumb to his true nature as a cursed creature of the night and lose control over who he really is. To Shadow Talbain, it's all a game of temptation…tempting his foolish werewolf self into acting like the monster her truly is.

#34: Hannya (Cursed Armor):

The tale of Hannya, which is mainly the Original Bishamon without the need of a host, is a tale of the dark legacy that the armor has bestowed upon many humans, including Bishamon himself before he exorcised it. However, upon Corruption's return and Abyss' arrival in the human world, Hannya gained the power to move and fight on its own from the effects of the evil intent of the invading Corrupted Souls Army. This return is what inspires Oboro to join the fight against the evil army, hoping that he would be able to meet and destroy Hannya once and for all.

#35: Grimling:

There is a reason why Grimling is the only character who doesn't have a gag reel in his story…that's because his entire story mainly IS a gag reel! The goals of Grimling are simple, find people and scare the living crap out of them! And let's just say that there are some Darkstalkers that don't take too kindly to being scared out of their wits by a little mischievous spirit. This story is truly the funniest story of them all, by a very large margin compared to others minus some of the character's gag reels.

#36: Spitfire:

The story of spitfire shows the effects of the Corrupted Soul's invasion from the human's point of view, causing major panic and worldwide chaos. A freelance army, however, plans to take the situation into their own hands and try to solve the problems through tactical strategy and force. The leader of the main squad is Veronica Spitfire, who goes mainly by Spitfire to her colleagues on the battlefield. She's the owner of a prototype battle weapon nicknamed "Blaze" by its creators, for it has the power to spontaneously combust the air around the user at will to use what seems like the powers of fire, all without the need of magic. Spitfire's main job is simple, seek out and eliminate the Darkstalkers threat, although this gets a lot of different Darkstalkers caught in the crossfire.

#37: Amingo:

Living in the southern deserts, Amingo's home is destroyed by a pack of Corrupted Souls soldiers on their way to destroy a large Desert Settlement. Amingo decides to take things into his own hands to try and defeat said soldiers, also being one of the first people to see Abyss in the human world as he was uncovered from the desert sands.

#38: Dracken:

The legendary Dragon King sleeps high above the clouds on his skyview tower, a tower made completely out of supercell thunderclouds, sensing a disturbance in the balance between the flow of peace between both realms, including the fact that many portals being opened and closed throughout the two worlds. This major disturbance is enough to awaken Dracken from his sleep, being able to remind the world of his presence due to most that know the tale of the Dragon Warrior King know that it was said that Dracken was killed in the final battle of his homeland, establishing a peace for those below the clouds.

#39: Arakune

The story of guest character Arakune is rather strange, for it features the twisted remains of the human being once known as Lot Carmine discovering a rift within the boundary that he believes is his chance to finally obtain the "Azure" he's seeked so long for. Upon entering the boundary, the rift sends him into a different world, this world being dark and cold, almost feeling dead. Arakune knows not where he is or how the boundary even managed to lead him here, but he believes that it must all be connected to the Azure Grimoire. The power source he feels leads him to an unknown castle, one towering up into the storm-driven skies, Castle Aensland.

#40: True Ending:

The longest of the story series' in Darkstalkers 4, this story starts out with the resurrection of the ancient demonic beast Abyss by the Soul Orb that Corruption summoned to the human realm, leading the heroes selected throughout the story to fight and defeat the tyrant monster. Thankfully, Abyss is in its early stages of resurrection, meaning that it has a chance of being defeated, which is what Donovan and the Darkstalkers of the human realm do. Ruby Heart uses the remnants of the soul orb to create a portal over to the Makai, which the Darkstalkers then board her flying ship, Cote' Azure, to enter the realm. Some of the Darkstalkers however do not come along, for Tony sustained too many injuries as Felicia had to find someone to tend to his wounds and Victor gave his life to shatter the barrier protecting Abyss' weak-points. However, what the heroes do not notice is that their ship gets a stowaway, Anita.

As the ship travels through the portal, the ship is attacked by makai creatures and forced to crash-land. The ship suffers extensive damage, causing for Ruby Heart to stay behind as Donovan and Hsien-Ko to move on through the castle doors into the inside. The two meet up with Morrigan and Demitri inside, having found a way out thanks to Lawrence's efforts. Donovan and Demitri quickly mistake the other for the enemy, causing a fight between the two. This fight is quickly stopped short by the arrival of Huitzil and his guardian Cecil, for whom he protects.  Cecil explains that a rift in the sky brought them to the Makai, meaning that Ruby Heart's portal had accidentally brought them along as well. The group is then greeted by the guardian of the castle that had been malifested by Corruption, a reincarnate of Pyron. The fight proves tedious in the end, but Huitzil makes the ultimate sacrifice to destroy the Pyron look-alike and save the heroes. As Cecil mourns over the death of his guardian, Ruby Heart arrives inside and says she will watch over Cecil while the others go on, Hsien-Ko deciding to stay back with them as well.

As the group arrived in the throne room, they find that someone had already begun fighting against Corruption, the Dark Princess Marianne Aensland, having recently broken free of her mind control and rebelling against Corruption, Jedah watching amusingly. Corruption defeats Marianne easily, then sending her back to the Silent Realm since she had no more use for her, then noticing the presence of the others in the room.

Demitri declares that he's come to take what was rightfully his, the throne. Corruption Scoffs at this declaration and commands for Jedah to attack them, for he quickly dispatches Demitri as Morrigan and Donovan manage to hold their own against them. Corruption then reveals his true intentions to the group of heroes, which causes Jedah to turn rogue on the account that his true ideals were completely against what Corruption had told him before. As Jedah attempts to fight Corruption, Corruption easily defeats Jedah, ripping his soul in half and sending the remnants to the silent realm.

It is at this time that Anita reveals herself, stating that she was fully aware of Corruption's evil throughout both worlds and was there to destroy the evil at its source. Corruption attempts to destroy Anita like he had done to both Marianne and Jedah, the attack of Corruption turning into dust as it touched Anita, for her power was stronger than Corruption had taken her for. A battle to the death then ensues between the two, and while Anita puts up more of a fight than Corruption could have imagined, he was still too much. Anita falls, but not before coming back at Corruption with everything she had, using the extent of her soul power to break down the souls embedding within Corruption, then dealing the final blow to the Tyrant with her ultimate attack, destroying Corruption forever.

As the fight ended, Anita grew weak, eventually falling to her knees and sprawled out on the floor. Donovan quickly goes to see if she was alright, but to his surprise, Anita had died from overusing her power, exhausting herself beyond lethal limits, all just to protect others, protect him…the one that saved her from herself.

Donovan leaves Morrigan and Demitri to return to the others, Ruby Heart having patched up the ship enough that it should be able to make it back through the portal to the human realm. Ruby Heart tries to comfort Donovan, but he is too struck with sadness to notice her efforts. Inside the kingdom, Demitri throws aside the remains of Corruption's armor and sits upon the throne, telling Morrigan that whether or not it's what she wanted, there was no chance he would be giving up this throne while he was alive. Morrigan, as sultry as usual, tells him that she has no problem with it, as long as she gets to play queen. Demitri accepts her offer, the two then becoming the rulers of the Demon realm.

Back in the human world, Donovan stands atop a hill looking out on the ocean, in front of him a tombstone, the grave of Anita. Donovan puts down her favorite doll in front of her tombstone, saying to himself about how she used to love that thing over all else. As Donovan says his final goodbyes, the scene will fade out, the credits then coming up.

Extra: A Day with Dr. Kakiro

This extra little mode lets you watch funny little videos featuring Dr. Kakiro, gremlin scientist and engineer, as well as Ilexia Oni, who ends up stuck with Dr. Kakiro after her and her friend Frost get trapped in the human world by what Ilexia called "An evil witch with goat antlers". This little mode is made to educate new players on the world of Darkstalkers, acting like the comedic "Teach Me Ms. Litchi" in the Blazblue series.

Part 4: Extra Modes:

This mode is made for customization, from anything to your title to your icon, even the colors of your characters. It's all about the creativity that the player may or may not want to use on their characters. However, it is almost completely obvious that there are some players that are going to have a lot of fun playing around in these modes.

Mode #1: Dark Hunter License

This mode is where you can customize your icons and titles (All titles already listed earlier in this guide) This license evolves as you level up through the ranks, making it feel as if you really are evolving through the ranks and becoming a more fearsome opponent. Try to reach the rank of Makai Emperor and show that you have what it takes to rule the demon realm!

Mode #2: Records & Listings:

This mode is a display mode to show you how anything from how many times you've used a certain character to how many hours and games you've played. This mode can also show you the records of other players as well, especially your friends. Try to be the best of your friends!

Mode #3: Character Customization:

This mode started in Street Fighter X Tekken and has carried over to the world of Darkstalkers, allowing you to customize three different color schemes for your characters. Each character has 4 normal colors, allowing you to have three different colors of your own. You can choose colors from a color wheel, use different types of paint to give your character a different look. You can even include patterns for more creativity. This mode is definitely something that a lot of creative minds are going to indulge themselves in.

Mode #4: Character Profiles

This mode gives the player the option to look into the characters of the game more deeply, giving a full backstory for each character as well as their Darkstalkers rating and how strong they are in different fields (Strength, Speed, etc.) All characters, including DLC characters, have a profile that the player can learn. The Model viewer is also built into this mode for players to view, which is fully 3D.

All ideas/new characters © Lone Wolf Productions

Original Characters © Capcom

Do not steal, copy and/or distribute without permission from creator.

© 2012 Lone Wolf Productions
For the love of Amaterasu and all that is Good, it's finally done! 40 pages! All full of new ideas and useful information! I can't believe that it's done! I thought I'd never do it! Hallelujah! Praise the F**KING GODDESS UP ABOVE! All new characters are fully copyright to Lone Wolf Productions, the brand new production company that I have going on my own since Golden Rings shut down over 4 months ago. But that's besides the point, the point is that all my hard work throughout many months of designing and thinking has finally paid off! And here it is! I hope you all enjoy! :)
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killjoySG Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
Did you guys really make this game?
DJ-Pink3 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
And you care why? Get lost.
killjoySG Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
Cuz you guys have some really great ideas, but you guys aren't really following the original plot...
DJ-Pink3 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
I am the only one designing it, it's called Lone Wolf for a reason. And yes I am, just taking an alternate turn on the ending of Vampire Savior that nobody knows which was real and what really happened.
killjoySG Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
Errrm...well, its cool, very good effort, stuff to add (Donovan is known as Dee now, Felicia's a nun, wouldn't it be more interesting if dark Talbain turned out to be Jon's Kreutz heritage calling him to take his place in Makai, why not Pyron creates a new brand of Huitzuls, maybe Mariane Aensland is the 3rd part of Morrigan? )

But, have you shown this to Capcom yet? Anyway, if you went to game ideas wiki, some guy's already posted this idea about Bloodmoon tournament. Maybe you guys can swap ideas, cuz his is pretty good (while following the original plot)

You're the creator of Lone Wolf Productions? Didn't I see some games with your name on it?
DJ-Pink3 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
In case you're not aware, the events of the story are as follows.

Anita defeats Jedah, destroys the Shintai, causing a Temporal rift that is used to rewrite the past to prevent Jedah's attack. In this new present, some things have been rewritten and edited. For one, Donovan's soul has been freed from its dark side and he is normal, the dark part is dormant still. Some parts of the laws stating that Catwomen are people too are effected due to prejudice, so Felicia is having trouble finding her chance to become a star. Some other effects are rewritten as well, such as Jedah is already dead, declared a traitor to the Makai Nobles many many years before the events of the game...about 1000 or so years to be exact.

If you want, I can send you a note about the game's full plot, which I have written out.
killjoySG Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
Uh...I guess, sure. Anyway, I was following the game events of the actual darkstalkers 3 game. But yea, I think your rewrite is very well thought of:). Really though, I just want see a new darkstalkers game come out, but personally, I would like it better if it followed the original plot (Cuz I think its interesting enough already):P.
DJ-Pink3 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
It is the original plot, all just that no one knows what story is true and which one isn't. Q-Bee could have killed Jedah, Felicia could have become a nun, Jedah could have destroyed both worlds, Demitri could have tried to kill Morrigan before she mysteriously got naked and turned herself to stone. Nobody really knows, and to be honest, nobody was told either. :O_o: Just decided to take the designs and put them in order is all.
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Mullmeister Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pretty good, this should defiantly erase the mistake that was USA's "Darkstalkers", "All hail the imperial pudding, their are lizards in my pants"
DJ-Pink3 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012
I hope so, but to memorate that hilarious line, it's one of Anakaris' titles. :D
Mullmeister Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
DJ-Pink3 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012
Yes, it had 5 titles for each character to display on your Dark Hunter License. Kind of like there are titles in MVC3 and SF4.
Mullmeister Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
TPPR10 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You know, reading this and you putting few guest characters gave me a idea for guest character: Pyramid Head from Silent Hill series.
DJ-Pink3 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012
I was actually thinking of Pyramid Head myself, but I'm not as familiar with Silent Hill as I am with Blazblue and PSG.
TPPR10 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
So what? Look at my project. I honestly have not that much idea with most of the games the characters are from, but I still add them because. Trough I can help you on that.
DJ-Pink3 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012
It's just that I don't want to oversaturate my game with guest characters is all. Arakune was supposed to be the only guest character until I came up with the idea that Scanty & Kneesocks would come along with tag-team mode. I'm actually trying to decide on a final guest, which is either going to be Ms. Fortune of Skullgirls or Shiro of Deadman Wonderland.
TPPR10 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh great, more cutsy monster girls (I have no idea if Shiro is really one, but whatever). Dunno, I am never fond of then all female monsters are some cutsies or attractive. This is why I like Painwheel so much, because she takes that, groinds it into a wall, and gives us a monster girl who is actually frightning by appearance.
DJ-Pink3 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012
This is Shiro:


Read up on her to learn more. Don't let her cute appearance fool you, this girl is downright insane.
AF4E Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012
Hey C(r)apcom! You see this?!
DJ-Pink3 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012
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Yep, more Street Fighter comics coming out soon.
DJ-Pink3 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012
Thank God they're done with Darkstalkers...Thank the Goddess Amaterasu for that one. Those comics sucked. XP
AF4E Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012
I hated the design they used for Felicia...
DJ-Pink3 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012
I Hated the way they literally went out of their way to make her so out of character. :C And yeah...the design was rather iffy too.
AF4E Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012
And then C(r)apcom goes and turns her Sand Splash attack into a CHARGE move?!

I'm starting to dread Darkstalkers 4 now.
DJ-Pink3 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012
I wouldn't dread Darkstalkers long as they at least try to go along guidelines like this. ;)
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I did promise that it'd be huge and detailed did I not? ;)
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Anakaris' "Lizard in my Pants" title.
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